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TITLE: "Greenwich Villiage [sic] Artists Street Exhibition" [Greenwich Village, New York City] This sequence approx. 50 feet. VS Washington Square Arch area, man walking toward camera. VS paintings and other works of art displayed on stands, mostly hung on building walls. Men in army uniforms photographing art shows with movie camera. MS woman in pink jacket, lots of makeup. VS paintings, painters and artists, spectators. MS Good Humor man working out of his ice cream pushcart on...
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Travelogue documentary distributed by RKO Radio Pictures and produced by the Van Beuren Corporation. Part of the World on Parade series.
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Topics: Travelogues, Infrastructure: Water, Infrastructure: Roads and Bridges, Sustainability, Cities:...
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by Simmel-Meservey
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PICTORIAL EXPLANATION OF HISTORIC & ECONOMIC CAUSES FOR EMERGENCE OF NEW YORK AS ONE OF WORLD'S LARGEST CITIES & OF ITS VITAL RELATION TO REST OF AMERICA. Shots: aerials of Manhattan; Central Park; Chrysler Building; maps; view from the ferries; Statue of Liberty; New York Harbor; ships; at the time the biggest and busiest port in the world; carrying almost half of the entire foreign trade of the United States; street sign: Wall Street financial district; various banks; New York Stock...
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Much great footage of New York City, including the usual landmarks; The Bowery; Harlem ("where the world learns how to sing and dance")
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